Friday, 24 August 2012

Strawberrylicious Nail Art Tutorial!

Red Nails  are timeless. The color "RED" exudes self-confidence, passion, power and authority. If you are one of those ladies who l<3ve to wear RED nails to a fun and sweet way, we introduce you to our "STRAWBERRYLICIOUS" Nail Art.

Be BERRY captivated with our nail art tutorial!


STEP 1. Have all your nail art tools and lacquers ready.
     What you need:
1.      Base Coat
2.      Top Coat
3.      Red Lacquer
4.      Green Lacquer
5.      White Lacquer
6.      Green Styler
7.      Dotting Tool (we used toothpick)
STEP 2. Apply your base coat; it is imperative to use your base coat at all times to protect your natural nails. Then apply 2 coats of your Red lacquer and let it dry. Usually, newly painted nails will dry between 10-15 minutes. However if you are in a hurry, you can use your nail dryer or a small electric fan will do!

STEP 3. Once the lacquer dried, you can now start creating your Strawberry. First, get your green styler and create a zigzag near to your cuticle .Then fill it in with the same color.

STEP 4. Now. get your Dip your dotting tool in the white lacquer and dot your nails in rows. In this tutorial, I dotted my nails in rows, alternating 3 and 4 dots in each row.Whew! This will give you a 3D effect.

 STEP 5. It's not done yet!When everything's dry, seal it with your Top Coat. Top coat will give your nails a nice shine and glossy effect on your STRAWBERRY NAILS!

NOW, You can finally say DONE!

Now it’s your turn to re-create this design. You can post your comment below or you can tweet  HONEY your picture showing this nail design. Follow her in twitter account @urhoneyness and comment using hash tag #strawberrynails.

You can also email your pictures at

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Lots of Love,

and Mel

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  1. Beautiful beautiful nail art!!! Thanks so much for sharing!!!! If you have a chance, please visit/follow my fashion blog. Your supports will mean a lot to me!!! Thank you so much in advance. I look forward to hear from you and to read more of your future blog posts!!! Have a great day!!!

    1. hi Fashionable Memories!You are very welcome!sure! I did and you have an amazing style!