Sunday, 30 September 2012

Eye Makeup Diagram/ Parts of the Eye for Makeup

As I was thinking of some Halloween makeup tutorials yesteday morning, I forgot that I should do the basics of makeup first before I jump to complicated tutorials.Let me start with the basic eye diagram/ parts of your eye essential for makeup.

BROWBONE/HIGHLIGHT: This is where you put your highlighter. The area from the edge of your eyeball/eye socket all the way before your eyebrows.

CREASE: This is where you blend out the color you apply on your lids to give a shadow effect using a blending brush. This will give a soft tone of the dark color you apply on your lid. The area from the folded skin to the edge of the eyeball/eye socket (Note that I have double lids).  

OUTER V: This is where I do my baseline for a smokey eye effect using a contour brush to draw and a blending brush to diffuse to get the shadow effect.

LID: I divided my lids into three (3). Outer, Middle, and Inner
Outer:Where you apply the darkest color of the look you want to create.
Middle: For smokey eye look, I barely touch this area to give that 3D effect. 
Generally, a lighter (medium) color from the color you apply on your outer lid. 
Inner: Same as the middle lid, for every day look, I just dab a shimmery, pearly white. Generally, the lightest color from the colors you apply on your outer and middle lid.

UPPER LASH LINE: This is where your eyeliner, gel liner, or eye pencil will go.  
I do this  to emphasize the shape of my eyes and to look my lashes fuller.

LOWER LASH LINE: I divided this into two parts;inner land outer.
Outer: Using an angle brush, use the excess  darker color you apply on your eyeshadow and line it all the way until center (This is the basic)
Inner: You can just leave this area empty or again using an angle brush, use the excess lighter color you apply on you eyeshadow and line it in.
Note: For my everyday look, I prefer not to put anything on my lower lash line
WATERLINE: This is where your eyeliner, gel liner, or eye pencil will go. Never use Eyeshadow on this area.

1. Invest on Basic Makeup Brushes: To execute the proper color blending, invest on basic brushes. My next post is about brushes, so look out for it.
1. Invest on Eye primer: When your problem is a messy and easy-to-fade colors on your eyes, the eye primer is the solution. Invest on those decent ones.
2. Proper Blending: One thing I learned about pretty makeup looks is to learn the blending technique. Practice makes perfect. Start with your everyday look which the colors are neutral.
3. Eyeliners for Waterline: I usually use black color straight all through my waterline but I realized some eye shape and eye color does not compromise black liners. Sometimes lining all the way can make you look older. I usually line my water line at the out edge halfway.
4. Eye Shadow Colors: This is what I learned from the makeup class that my lady boss took. We have different skin colors and compliment specific colors which is important because some colors may look good on o I will post later the colors that compliments to a specific skin.

Do you know these facts already?or is this interesting to you? Let me know, Share your ideas, ans leave your comments below!



Friday, 28 September 2012

Review: Body Shop Lily Cole Collection and the Advocacy

I am a fan of Body Shop. My first makeup brush set's from them. I bought quite a lot of their makeup and body products from body washes, body butters, to lotions, lip liners, eye liners and eyeshadow palettes. So when they released the Lily Cole Limited Edition Series, I went to a shop in Yishun Singapore and bought a few items. I believe it is cheaper when you buy it in Philippines though. Lily Cole by the way is a well-known activist, model and actress. She is  The Body Shop’s new brand advocate and part of their collaboration with Lily Cole, The Body Shop launched a new limited edition cruelty-free make-up range. Celebrating their against animal testing ethos, all their make-up including this range of products contains no animal products and hasn’t been tested on animals. This collection was launched on July 9. I really don't want to post this because these items may not be available already in the market but I know sometimes they do massive clearance sales, maybe available, so I thought  this review may help you decide.

Lily Cole Lip and Cheek Dome in 20 Pinch Me Pink
One Word. AWESOME! I use this as my everyday blusher. I just dab onto cheeks straight from the dome and blend using clean fingertips. This is the best I have ever used so far. The texture is  creamy, smooth, giving you a fresh dewy look.The actual color is very pretty and subtle when you blend it out. It is not that pigmented so it gives a natural pinkish glow on your cheeks. Layer to build up color. The only thing is that you may re-apply twice or thrice because it does fade very easily but it does not bother me at all. And because it is a limited edition, I should have bought extra!
HIGHLY RECOMMENDED @ SGD24.90 (Php871.00).
10ml (0.33 US FL OZ)

Lily Cole Hi-Shine Lip Treatment
I got this at SGD8.90 (Php311.00)each. Available in 4 different shades but opted to buy 01 Go Naked and 02 Go Wild. The smell is sweet like fruit candy which I love. As expected, these lip glosses are quite sticky, best for lip highlight only. The color is not that pigmented, so if you want a natural shine  on your lips, this is good for you. As buying helps 5,000 women in Namibia build their self- esteem, their home and this is natural hand-selected Marula fruits, I decide to buy this.

Lily Cole Pearl Radiance Primer
The packaging is super attractive.The beads are beautiful. It does give a pearl radiant effect but the a face primer should control the oil and let your makeup set  longer on your face. I find it ok on my skin but I hate that I still have to blend it so well because as you can see the second picture below that it's quite messy so I recommend you to blend it smoothly. NOT THAT GREAT for SGD32.90 (Php1,151.00) BUT RECOMMENDED because it's natural, cruelty-free and again the fact that it helps 5,000 women in Namibia.
Hi-Sine Lip Treatment: 6ml, Ingredients: Community Fair Trade marula oil in Namibia
Pearl Radiance Primer: 15ml, Community Trade Marula and Nut Oil, aloe vera

 I think I am done here. I hope this review helped you and open your eyes that there are great things to thank and appreciate life. KEEP ON BELIEVING!!!



Maybelline Giveaway!

I actually posted this in our FB page a few days ago. As a regular buyer of TRACYEINNY,  as much as I love their stuffs, I also admire their great customer service towards their customers.  As soon as they knew that our blog is up, they immediately gave some stuffs to share to my readers. I am happy to share this. A simple Maybelline set of 3. A lipstick, lip balm, and a press powder worth approx. P1,100.00. As much as we want to have more readers, we realized that we need readers who keeps coming back because they learn something from our blog or they find our blog interesting. Thank you for all your support and thank you to TRACYEINNY. We appreciate it much.

This will end on Sunday, Sept. 30, 2012, 12:00MN. I will announce by Monday. We will do the raffle through Random.Org. My box will arrive in Philippines by 2nd week of November 2012 and will deliver from there.


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Thursday, 27 September 2012

Basic Face Contour : Sephora Sculpting Disk + the Alternatives

As a beginner in makeup, I love to experiment. I was just literally curious about contouring techniques can make your face look thinner and define the features of your face. I had the Bourjois Délice de Soleil Bronzing Powder already but I still need a highlighter and it just happened that I went to Sephora in Ion Orchard  to buy the setting spray, I saw this Sculpting Disk. A 3-in-1 matifying powder, blush bronzer, and highlighting powder which the price is quite affordable at SGD30.00 (Php1,050.00). So I bought it.

Here's the Product Info.:
1. SUN-Blush Bronzer (B01, 5g Net Wt. 0.17oz. 5r.), to bronze and define
 2. Center-Matifying Powder (D20, 12g. Net Wt. 0.42oz 12r.), to give an even matte finish
3. Light-Highlighting Powder (I20, 5g Net Wt. 0.17oz. 5r.), to eliminate and brighten
 Product Instructions:
1. D20 - Apply to the entire face using a powder brush. 
2. B01 - Use a brush blush to define your cheeks and jaw line.
3. I20 - Use a blush brush to apply to the bridge of the nose, brow, cheekbones and decollegate.  
What I Say:

At first, I followed the instructions on the palette but I noticed that I looked cake-y and muddy or maybe I just put  more than enough that's required (lol). So I advise you to work lightly and build-up gradually to avoid the face looking muddy. Blending is very important.
I simplify the instructions and I think it went pretty well.

SKILL LEVEL  :         Beginner/Moderate 
FACE SHAPE   :        Oblong
WHAT I USED :         Sephora Sculpting Disk
GOAL:  To look as natural and seamless as possible. Avoid obvious color streaks.

Here's what I did (After the foundation routine and matified my face using D20):
Step 1: Applied bronzing powder (B01-PINK) under my cheekbones (the hollow area  when you make a “fish” face by sucking in your cheeks) and on my temples. If you want to define your nose, you can also add a little bit at the sides but just make sure to wipe off excess to look natural.   

Step 2: I used my ring fingers only and dab/apply highlighter (I20-Yellow)  just above my cheekbones, the center of  my forehead, my brow-bone and center of my chin (The highlighter of this sculpting disk is quite shimmery so I don't recommend you use it as a blusher)
Pink: Blush Bronzer (B01)Yellow: Highlighting Powder (I20)

Note: Work on both sides.
Other Products Used: Body Shop's Lily Cole Cheek and Lip Dome (blush),
MAC Lipstick Force of Love and Lustre Pink Pop Corn, Revlon Photoready,
Concealer 003, Revlon Photoready Airbrush Nude, Revlon Gel Liner,  
24K 32-Piece eyeshadow palette, E.L.F. studio eyebrow kit


 The Palette:  
I hate that it is difficult to open especially I have long nails. Other than that, this is worth buying. Cheap for a 3-in-1 palette with a big mirror, perfect for everyday use, smells good, pretty shimmery highlighter,  the matifying powder works on light skin tone only but I think it's quite translucent so maybe you can try it also.

The Alternatives:
I find the palette worth buying for but you can work this technique by using what you already have in your kit.
1. You can use the lightest shimmery/pearly white/baby pink eyeshadow as an alternative to your highlighter. 
2. You can use one/two shade darker powder or foundation as an alternative to your bronzer.

I hope this tutorial and the info. helps! Share your experience with me and leave a comment below!



Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Fashion Trends: What I love this Fall Season 2012

You mean Burgundy?
When I saw some of Alexander Wang's Fall Collection, I can never get my eyes off the color. Burgundy is dark yet sexy. 

Bring Out Your Fab Leopard Prints!
I love leopard prints and this season is the right time to wear them. <3

A Feminine Fall
I will always bring this set no matter what season. Always love shades of pink...


Monday, 24 September 2012

How I Wear My Necklaces!

For me, to wear an accessory is quite tricky. You may ruin a beautiful dress because you overdo your accessories or you may ruin a beautiful accessory because you match it with a wrong outfit. Today, I'll start with the basic accessory which is a statement necklace. I believe that to wear a necklace you must consider your height, the proportion of your body, the figure of your body, the color of your clothing, the kind of clothing that you are wearing, the fabric, your makeup, with your other accessory and etc. I'm chubby and short so you know how hard it is  for me to wear a necklace especially those big chunky once. Truthfully, I feel so awkward while writing this and giving an advise on how to wear a necklace because I really don't know if I violate any fashion rules but anyway this is my opinion, this is how I feel wearing them. If you find it OK, interesting and if you love it, keep on reading *wink*.

In this style guide, I'll work with a dress with different necklines. Here are my suggestions in ratio with colors and  the  style of the dress shown:

Sweetheart Neckline:
I find it more sexy to define a sweetheart neckline by locking it with a simple resin necklace of a triangular shape.

Collar Neckline:
I love to add a modern dog-ear collar with a chain necklace. I also make sure that the length of the collar is the same  or a little bit lower only  when you set it it on your neck. I just love to look it clean and not so saggy.

Bateau Neckline:
I find this neckline quite difficult to accessorize but would prefer to wear it with a feminine and simple design like a Grecian necklace or a tassel necklace.

Round Neckline:
In contrary to Bateau, round neckline for me is the easiest to work ae with. Simply add a collar to it. May it be a colorful,a gold or a silver. I love to wear a gold-toned collar necklace with a black full skirt dress.

Square Neckline and a Straight Tube Maxi:
I love to play around a long necklace and a choke necklace to both square and straight tube neckline. I feel like my shoulders are broader and I am slimmer when wearing a choke necklace on both necklines. I find it so cute to wear a choke necklace with a knee length dress and booties. While loving a choke necklace with a straight tube long maxi and a pair of simple corso como slipped on flats. i love to wear a simple long necklace when I go to a casual party.

Additional Tips:

1. Never overdo your accessories. Wear in moderation.
2. Your makeup should compromise with your accessory as well as with your shoes.

Do you have a bunch of accessories and it's confusing already on how to wear them?
Do you love to mix and match your accessories??I hope you do and share with me how you wear your accessories and I can learn from you also!

I did a simple blue makeup last Saturday but i was using my phone it is!



Saturday, 22 September 2012

How I wear Tribal Prints!

I've been loving aztec tribal prints for months now. Coming from the southern part of Philippines, colorful aztec print is not new to me at all. I have been wearing tribal collar necklaces and dangling earrings from young but wearing and mixing tribal prints can be quite tricky but I always keep in mind to work my style with moderation. Always practice moderation (always think of black and white as the basic colors). Here are some looks that I created and I hope you'll love it. 


I recommend you to wear your tribal prints to:


Blazer and top by topshop, Ksubi Alberqeque distressed denim shorts,Kim Dominic Ombre Chain Necklace, Wild Pair Isa Pumps
Mimco Envelope Clutch
by beautyamare

Philip Lim Tank, Riverisland Aztec Blazer, Plated Collar Gold Necklace,Mimco Molten Envelope Clutch, Jane Norman Black Wedge,
Supertrash Jeans 
by beautyamare

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

South Style: Cool Chic Doc Apol

Apol's Travel to Lourdes, France.
Photo Courtesy of Francis Manaloto
Photo Courtesy of Francis Manaloto
Photo Courtesy of: Kevin Rivera

Name: Pamela "APOL" Lagumbay, Physician/Adventurer/Musician
Hometown: Cagayan de Oro City, Philippines
Current Location: Makati, Metro Manila
Describe your Style: Modern hippie, Indie, Tribal+Gothic+Classic
What do you love about Southern Fashion (Mindanao)?
It's a fashionable-laid-back but classy sort of thing. I noticed people from the South aren't behind from the people dressing up in the north, the major cities in the country i.e. Manila and Cebu. We're not that afraid to dress up differently according to our different characters whether it be world music, tribal, indie, punk, metal, hard core etc. kind of style! And I love that we usually associate the way we dress with the kind of music that we love and are passionate about; we are united despite the differences in artistic preferences, we respect each other and we even hang together. It's, like, an artistic salad of fashion and music.
What was the last thing you bought?
Some Forever 21 blouses--I'm such a girl.
What would you never be caught wearing?
Shirts with imitated logos from big establishments, only with different titles. Really. Come on. STARBUKO?!--KMN.
What is the most prominent color in your wardrobe?
BLACK. Haha!
Which website do you visit daily?
If you could go anywhere in the world right now, where would you go?
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
What’s your motto?
Live a life worth remembering.
Any Fashion and Beauty Tips?
1. To look good, you have to feel good--and I mean feeling good about your health. The healthier you are, the more it shows! And that means eat right--less oily and processed food and more fresh fruits and vegetables and a good source of protein and, of course, exercise 30-45 minutes a day at least 4 times a week.
2. With dressing up... The key is BALANCE. Showing off all of your skin through skimpy dresses will make you look like a slut. If your wearing a short skirt or a short shorts (pekpek shorts), wear something with sleeves as a top. If you're wearing a tube/spaghetti strap/sleeveless top, wear knee length/long skirts or a pair of pants. Dress appropriately for certain occassions!
The same goes for the accessories: BALANCE. If you're wearing big bangles/earrings, there is no need for big necklaces--that sort of thing.
4. For the make-up, still, BALANCE. If you have thick/dark eyeshadows, go easy on the lips and vice versa. And don't be afraid to experiment with colors as long as it's for the appropriate occasion. Don't forget to blend your eyeshadows the right way, either.
In using falsies, human hair looks more realistic, therefore more pleasing to the eye and more comfortable. smile
5. Don't forget to feed and exercise your brain with good information such as science, art, music, current events and at least a little bit of politics.
6. Love yourself. Stop being insecure 'cause that is the most unattractive personality, ever.
7. The best beauty tip: Keep your feet on the ground. Treat everyone equally, regardless of their job titles or their social status and love them as you would yourself. Always remember that we are all made equal.
Plug Ins:
Lookbook: apollagumbay
Blog: apollagumbay

Monday, 17 September 2012

Shopping Haul 03 and Review on Drugstore Products

I love to shop online especially those brands that are not officially available here in Singapore or  those that are extremely expensive if I will buy it in malls like Havaianas. I don't know why Havaianas is expensive here in Singapore. A basic design cost approximately SGD49.00 (P1,715.00) in ION Orchard. They do have sales sometimes though, but I would rather save my time and energy buying it online. So here's what I've got from

Drugtore Products:I am curious about those drugstore brands that are popular over the internet because it's cheap yet good quality makeup products (need to figure out myself). I've been loving Revlon and Maybelline but  I am talking about NYX and e.l.f Cosmetics. These brands are not available in Malls here in Singapore (not that I know of). So, I searched over the internet and found one reliable online store. This is my third purchase from them. The first two purchases I bought all NYX Cosmetics. Here are my purchases:

Saturday, 15 September 2012

Drugstore Products: Bronze Everyday Look

I've been loving quite a few drugstore products lately. I saw that there are a few stores in Philippines for e.l.f. Cosmetics and I believe NYX is coming also so I decided to try these affordable drugstore products. I bought e.l.f through online here in Singapore. I bought the e.l.f. 24K 32-Piece eyeshadow palette, studio eyebrow kit, studio complete coverage concealer. I will do a separate review on these. Let me start the Bronze Everyday Look.
Pink Lips

1st Month Giveaways!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Friday, 14 September 2012

Puzzle Mat Inspired Nail Art

We have these puzzle mats at home, just laying around waiting for us to start or workout. Then it hit me, instead of working out, I might just as well do a Nail Art inspired by these mats. Then maybe, just maybe I’m going to be inspired to start working out again.

Here it goes; a colorful and playful puzzle mats.

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Do You Know How To Pronounce Luxury Brand Names?

Are you curious on how to pronounce properly some of the high end/luxury brands?I think all of us experienced it. When I was in high school my Mom got a Chanel (I don't know if its authentic or blouse and I read it as CHA-NEL when supposed to be SHA-NEL. I mean I have known quite alot of people argue  about how to pronounce luxury brand names the right way.Do you have that experience? How about brands like Haute Couture, Hermes, Givenchy, Loubutin,Yves Saint Laurent, Lanvin, and etc? I mean I can't afford to buy those luxury/designer brands. I don't spend money like there's no tomorrow. I have some but all are gifts from generous people close to me. My point here is at least I am trying to learn how to pronounce it properly especially when you are a Fashion stalker!
I remember me and my roommate used to watch in youtube on how to pronounce properly because sometimes my colleagues are quite particular to it. And sometimes we have meetings with our clients and they are talking about those high end brands and they will ask  and we just ridiculously answered, "Yeah, that one!Ah, yeah!"lol. What an embarassment. When my lady boss gave me a Lanvin bracelet, in my mind, I pronounced it as Lan-Vin. Luckily she said, I hope you will love the "lahn-vahn". Whew!Thank God I never opened my mouth!
And thanks to Lauren Conrad's post that I believe is a good read to share  to my readers too. As much as I have learned, it is always good to share. I did some research of some of the luxury /designer brands that I know of.

And here's the list!

South Style: Street Chic Koylee

Photo courtesy of Fashion PhotoObsession

photo courtesy of Fashion PhotoObsession

Name: Koylee, Nursing Student/ Aspiring Model
Hometown: Malaybalay City, Bukidnon
Current Location: Malaybalay City, Bukidnon
Describe your Style: Easy go lucky. I dress up depending on my mood. I can go from rocker chic, sophisticated to skater girl in just minutes.
What do you love about Southern Fashion (Mindanao)? 
Fashion here in Mindanao is still discovering itself. I love the fact that people here are exploring their fashion, not afraid to try out new things and finding out what suits them best smile
What was the last thing you bought? 
Liquid eyeliner and gray fringed high waist shorts
What would you never be caught wearing? CROCS. Period.
What is the most prominent color in your wardrobe? Black.
Which website do you visit daily?, and
If you could go anywhere in the world right now, 
Where would you go?New York City,baby! smile
What’s your motto? Be yourself. wink
Any Fashion and Beauty Tips? Dare to go beyond your comfort zone. Try out different looks and wear it with confidence.

You can follow Koylee at the following Plug Ins:
Twitter: HeyKoylee

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Everyday Look :Sweet Pink Makeup

Get The Look: It's either bright lips or colorful eyesadows but not both.

I skipped foundation and powder for this look. Not because I have a smooth even skin but because I have a very sensitive skin. I do foundation routine in special occasions and events only. I had severe acne before because of creams so I would rather skip it but if your skin is not sensitive, I would recommend...

1. To start  with a face primer. Face primer works like a moisturizer and ensures that your makeup will last  long and stay put on your face. It also prevents absorption of pigment from your foundation and powder. 2. Apply foundation on your face. Make sure to blend your foundation well to even out the skin. Let it set for 5-10 minutes. 3. While setting the foundation, work your eyes. I prefer a wing-out eyes for this look using revlon colorstay gel liner (you can use any brand you prefer).

I Started here...

4. Once done, you can now conceal your under eye circles.I have dark and puffy under eye circles. Truthfully, I am still looking for the best brand and ways to perfectly conceal them. For now, I am using the revlon photoready concealer 003. I have some acne scars so I also conceal them 5. Apply powder. 6. I opt to use a bronzer for this look because I used a bright pink for my lips. Apply below the cheekbone. 7. Highlight top of the cheekbones to give a natural glow. 8. Apply bright pink lipstick on your lips.I used the NYX Spellbound round lipstick. 9. I finished my look with an urban decay all nighter setting spray! (Note: You can skip this) 

Hope you love this look!

Love Lots,


Sunday, 9 September 2012

Fall Inspired Nail Art Tutorial

 I am loving the Fall/Autumn colors in the west and inspired to do a nail art tutorial out of the colors. If only I have the tangerine tango, I will definitely add that on top.

 Here's how to:

5 Steps to learn this Fall Inspired Nail Art
1. Start with base coat and  2 coats of white lacquer
2. By Ombre technique, brush the green lacquer to a piece foam.
3.Dab to a 3/4 part of your nails. Let it dry.
4. Repeat no. 2 but this time use the pink lacquer and DAB to the upper part of your nails
5.Add some glitters and finish with a top coat


It's your time to re-create. This will look great on you! enjoy!

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Weekly Favorites 01

Here are some of my random favorites this week:

COLOR: Fall Season Colors.These colors can be a great inspiration for a wedding, birthday, baptism, or any party that you may throw during this season (September - December).
 Pink Flambé                   Tangerine Tango                   Ultramarine Green               Rose Smoke
FASHION: Anything Aztec. This reminds me of my place, Bukindon. My place in Philippines. We have our own Aztec clothing and accessories from the created hands of the natives  Bukidnon. For my friends in Bukidnon,  please be inspired to wear our own native aztec blazers over your modern clothing and pair it with our own Bukidnon tribal  accessories.

credits to:, river island,
Look at our tribal dress and accessories: AUTHENTIC AND BEAUTIFUL
Kaamulan Festival by Rick Benigno
SUBSCRIPTION: Visit and follow Madalina in her awesomeness at