Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Do You Know How To Pronounce Luxury Brand Names?

Are you curious on how to pronounce properly some of the high end/luxury brands?I think all of us experienced it. When I was in high school my Mom got a Chanel (I don't know if its authentic or blouse and I read it as CHA-NEL when supposed to be SHA-NEL. I mean I have known quite alot of people argue  about how to pronounce luxury brand names the right way.Do you have that experience? How about brands like Haute Couture, Hermes, Givenchy, Loubutin,Yves Saint Laurent, Lanvin, and etc? I mean I can't afford to buy those luxury/designer brands. I don't spend money like there's no tomorrow. I have some but all are gifts from generous people close to me. My point here is at least I am trying to learn how to pronounce it properly especially when you are a Fashion stalker!
I remember me and my roommate used to watch in youtube on how to pronounce properly because sometimes my colleagues are quite particular to it. And sometimes we have meetings with our clients and they are talking about those high end brands and they will ask  and we just ridiculously answered, "Yeah, that one!Ah, yeah!"lol. What an embarassment. When my lady boss gave me a Lanvin bracelet, in my mind, I pronounced it as Lan-Vin. Luckily she said, I hope you will love the "lahn-vahn". Whew!Thank God I never opened my mouth!
And thanks to Lauren Conrad's post that I believe is a good read to share  to my readers too. As much as I have learned, it is always good to share. I did some research of some of the luxury /designer brands that I know of.

And here's the list!

1.  Versace – ver-sah-chee
2.  Yves Saint Laurent – eve sanh la-rahn
3.   Herve Leger – air-vay lay-jay
4.   Lanvin – lahn-vahn 
5.   Haute Couture – oat koo-toor
6.   Hermes – air-mez
7.   Louis Vuitton – lou-ee vee-tonn
8.   Givenchy – zhee-von-she   
9.   Proenza Schouler – pro-en-za skool-er 
10. Atelier: ah-tell-ee-ay
11. Balenciaga: Buh – Lin – See – Ah – Ga
12. Bally: Bah-li
13. Balmain: Bahl-Mah

14. Bulgari: Bool-ga-ree
15. Burberry Prorsum: Bur-bur-ree Pror-some
16. Moschino: Mo-ski-no
17. Loewe: LO-ee-Vay
18. Longchamp: Long-shum
19. Longines: Lohn-jeens
20. Gucci: Jew-chih
21. Emporio Armani: Em-Pohr-yo Ar-mah-ni
22. Bottega Veneta: Bo-tega Ven-e-ta  
I am not French nor an Italian, so I still have to work on the pitch and the emphasis of every syllables of the words. At least the basic is there.
I hope this helps!If you have something to share about any experience you had, leave a comment below!

Love Lots,