Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Everyday Look :Sweet Pink Makeup

Get The Look: It's either bright lips or colorful eyesadows but not both.

I skipped foundation and powder for this look. Not because I have a smooth even skin but because I have a very sensitive skin. I do foundation routine in special occasions and events only. I had severe acne before because of creams so I would rather skip it but if your skin is not sensitive, I would recommend...

1. To start  with a face primer. Face primer works like a moisturizer and ensures that your makeup will last  long and stay put on your face. It also prevents absorption of pigment from your foundation and powder. 2. Apply foundation on your face. Make sure to blend your foundation well to even out the skin. Let it set for 5-10 minutes. 3. While setting the foundation, work your eyes. I prefer a wing-out eyes for this look using revlon colorstay gel liner (you can use any brand you prefer).

I Started here...

4. Once done, you can now conceal your under eye circles.I have dark and puffy under eye circles. Truthfully, I am still looking for the best brand and ways to perfectly conceal them. For now, I am using the revlon photoready concealer 003. I have some acne scars so I also conceal them 5. Apply powder. 6. I opt to use a bronzer for this look because I used a bright pink for my lips. Apply below the cheekbone. 7. Highlight top of the cheekbones to give a natural glow. 8. Apply bright pink lipstick on your lips.I used the NYX Spellbound round lipstick. 9. I finished my look with an urban decay all nighter setting spray! (Note: You can skip this) 

Hope you love this look!

Love Lots,



  1. Love the color of the lipstick! You look gorgeous hun. x


  2. thanks much nia! still learning how to do makeup!love your blog nia!