Sunday, 30 September 2012

Eye Makeup Diagram/ Parts of the Eye for Makeup

As I was thinking of some Halloween makeup tutorials yesteday morning, I forgot that I should do the basics of makeup first before I jump to complicated tutorials.Let me start with the basic eye diagram/ parts of your eye essential for makeup.

BROWBONE/HIGHLIGHT: This is where you put your highlighter. The area from the edge of your eyeball/eye socket all the way before your eyebrows.

CREASE: This is where you blend out the color you apply on your lids to give a shadow effect using a blending brush. This will give a soft tone of the dark color you apply on your lid. The area from the folded skin to the edge of the eyeball/eye socket (Note that I have double lids).  

OUTER V: This is where I do my baseline for a smokey eye effect using a contour brush to draw and a blending brush to diffuse to get the shadow effect.

LID: I divided my lids into three (3). Outer, Middle, and Inner
Outer:Where you apply the darkest color of the look you want to create.
Middle: For smokey eye look, I barely touch this area to give that 3D effect. 
Generally, a lighter (medium) color from the color you apply on your outer lid. 
Inner: Same as the middle lid, for every day look, I just dab a shimmery, pearly white. Generally, the lightest color from the colors you apply on your outer and middle lid.

UPPER LASH LINE: This is where your eyeliner, gel liner, or eye pencil will go.  
I do this  to emphasize the shape of my eyes and to look my lashes fuller.

LOWER LASH LINE: I divided this into two parts;inner land outer.
Outer: Using an angle brush, use the excess  darker color you apply on your eyeshadow and line it all the way until center (This is the basic)
Inner: You can just leave this area empty or again using an angle brush, use the excess lighter color you apply on you eyeshadow and line it in.
Note: For my everyday look, I prefer not to put anything on my lower lash line
WATERLINE: This is where your eyeliner, gel liner, or eye pencil will go. Never use Eyeshadow on this area.

1. Invest on Basic Makeup Brushes: To execute the proper color blending, invest on basic brushes. My next post is about brushes, so look out for it.
1. Invest on Eye primer: When your problem is a messy and easy-to-fade colors on your eyes, the eye primer is the solution. Invest on those decent ones.
2. Proper Blending: One thing I learned about pretty makeup looks is to learn the blending technique. Practice makes perfect. Start with your everyday look which the colors are neutral.
3. Eyeliners for Waterline: I usually use black color straight all through my waterline but I realized some eye shape and eye color does not compromise black liners. Sometimes lining all the way can make you look older. I usually line my water line at the out edge halfway.
4. Eye Shadow Colors: This is what I learned from the makeup class that my lady boss took. We have different skin colors and compliment specific colors which is important because some colors may look good on o I will post later the colors that compliments to a specific skin.

Do you know these facts already?or is this interesting to you? Let me know, Share your ideas, ans leave your comments below!



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