Monday, 24 September 2012

How I Wear My Necklaces!

For me, to wear an accessory is quite tricky. You may ruin a beautiful dress because you overdo your accessories or you may ruin a beautiful accessory because you match it with a wrong outfit. Today, I'll start with the basic accessory which is a statement necklace. I believe that to wear a necklace you must consider your height, the proportion of your body, the figure of your body, the color of your clothing, the kind of clothing that you are wearing, the fabric, your makeup, with your other accessory and etc. I'm chubby and short so you know how hard it is  for me to wear a necklace especially those big chunky once. Truthfully, I feel so awkward while writing this and giving an advise on how to wear a necklace because I really don't know if I violate any fashion rules but anyway this is my opinion, this is how I feel wearing them. If you find it OK, interesting and if you love it, keep on reading *wink*.

In this style guide, I'll work with a dress with different necklines. Here are my suggestions in ratio with colors and  the  style of the dress shown:

Sweetheart Neckline:
I find it more sexy to define a sweetheart neckline by locking it with a simple resin necklace of a triangular shape.

Collar Neckline:
I love to add a modern dog-ear collar with a chain necklace. I also make sure that the length of the collar is the same  or a little bit lower only  when you set it it on your neck. I just love to look it clean and not so saggy.

Bateau Neckline:
I find this neckline quite difficult to accessorize but would prefer to wear it with a feminine and simple design like a Grecian necklace or a tassel necklace.

Round Neckline:
In contrary to Bateau, round neckline for me is the easiest to work ae with. Simply add a collar to it. May it be a colorful,a gold or a silver. I love to wear a gold-toned collar necklace with a black full skirt dress.

Square Neckline and a Straight Tube Maxi:
I love to play around a long necklace and a choke necklace to both square and straight tube neckline. I feel like my shoulders are broader and I am slimmer when wearing a choke necklace on both necklines. I find it so cute to wear a choke necklace with a knee length dress and booties. While loving a choke necklace with a straight tube long maxi and a pair of simple corso como slipped on flats. i love to wear a simple long necklace when I go to a casual party.

Additional Tips:

1. Never overdo your accessories. Wear in moderation.
2. Your makeup should compromise with your accessory as well as with your shoes.

Do you have a bunch of accessories and it's confusing already on how to wear them?
Do you love to mix and match your accessories??I hope you do and share with me how you wear your accessories and I can learn from you also!

I did a simple blue makeup last Saturday but i was using my phone it is!



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