Sunday, 2 September 2012

Pink Lipsticks: MAC, Revlon, NYX

I think I am more into pink lipsticks than the reds and nudes. Maybe for me it's in between the two. As mentioned before, I love experimenting the colors of my makeup. What goes well with the color of my skin and the clothing that I am using. I am happy to make this a hobby, share with others and learn from others as well.  I think this is one of the best ways to kill boredom, isn't it? Anyway, back to the pink lippies. There are lots of pretty pink colors from different brands. If only I can buy all and show what's best for everyone somehow I only have these few of my choices. If you don't have the specific lipsticks below, you can look for similar shades but I can't guarantee the quality of other brands though. There are pink lipsticks with blue, purple, maroon undertones but what I have here are pale and light pink colors with purple undertones. I just love that it blends perfectly on my NC25 skin tone.

I have  a male dominant environment job. Not only a male dominant environment but I worked in an engineering based environment where men usually prefer simple look. So, usually I prefer to use a not-so striking pink lipsticks. Here are some of it:

I usually used a lip balm before but I just discovered to use a pretty nude pink lipstick will make a difference. I used  a Revlon Lipgloss over a Revlon Matte Pink Pout. It really work on simple winged eyes and bright color outfits.  It totally gives a fun, fresh look!

A pretty color that compliments my NC25 skin tone. MAC Frost Angel is a fresh, bombshell color. This really looks good on a dark  simple eyeshadows. I usually used this with a simple natural smokey eyes or a simple dark purple liners like the photo below.
This simple makeup pretty goes along with pastel chiffon fabrics.


Under Lustre collection of MAC, Pink Popcorn is a sexy, purplish lipstick. I love to wear this if I want to glow on rainy days. Really looks good on plain shirts and dresses. This also works with simple eyeshadow makeup.

For night-outs and evening affairs,  a to-go bright  fuschia pink is my choice.

I actually opt for a MAC fusion pink but I don't know why I decided to buy the Show Orchid. This really goes well with my NC25 skin tone and definitely to-go on any night affairs. If you want cheaper pigmented lipstick, you can get a NYX Spellbound which is darker than the MAC Show Orchid. What I don't like about NYX round lipstick is that it smudged so easily. Other than that, NYX Spellbound is a pretty hot pink lipstick! I love to wear  these colors with dark smokey eyes with winged eyeliner or just a simple opened-cat-eyes like photo below.

I think I am done! That's how I wear my pink lipsticks. If you have any other shades you want to share or any other ways you wear your pink lipsticks, please leave a comment below. I love to know more. Let us share ideas!

Thank you very much!

"Love of beauty is taste. The creation of beauty is art."
Ralph Waldo Emerson

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