Wednesday, 5 September 2012

My Little Dream Bedroom!

Me and My brother shared the same room for 5yrs .It was painted in yellow, my tatay's (dad) fave color. The "sharing" thing never stopped me from decorating the room with glitters and purple accessories. I was able to decorate the upper bed only which was my own private area. When we renovated the house, my tatay (dad) gave me the center room, still painted in yellow (duh!) and he won't allow us to stick anything on the wall. I was only working with little accessories. So, I was not really able to do whatever I wanted to do with my own room. Today, the house is my brother's already so the room which I stayed  is my niece's playroom now. Memories. But anyway, if I had a chance to decorate, to have bigger space and if I had all the resources, this would be my room.

"My Little Dream Room When I Was Young"

It would be as simple and dainty with pastel teal wall and pastel pink bedsheets with lots of different pillow sizes on it...
 With crazy pompom ceiling decor...
 And a pretty uneven string curtains for a little privacy when I want to read my fave book...
Since I love to draw, I would love to have an inspiration board with organized
 table with art tools..

And different DIY bottles with labels of the things inside...
Is it too much if  I wanted to have like this so badly? A cabinet full of crafty stuffs!Anyway, my dresses and etc are already in the drawers. A 2-in-1.
And not but not the least, a  little dreamy night is cool...

That's it!  Once my little dream bedroom.Do we have the same likings when you were young? I know you have also so share with me!Leave a comment below.

A sneak in my room before and niece's playroom now.

Until next time!
Love Lots,