Monday, 3 September 2012

Shopping Haul 01: Urban Decay and Accessorize

Haul: an urban word for shopping spree

I went to Sephora to check some stuffs for me to use. I bought the Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray which I heard good reviews over the internet forums and blogs so I decided to try. I bought it at SGD48 (PHP1,650.00). I also bought the sculpting disk at SGD30.00 (Php1,050.00) which is a good deal for a 3-in-1 purpose. A powder, a bronzing powder, and a highlighter. Let me try a few times and I will give a review about this stuffs. I wish I got it with discounts but anyway I believe these are good buys. :D

I went to Accessorize also to buy some stuffs for my shop. I grabbed some winter Faux Fur and a pair of socks.I got it on sale @SGD10.00 each (Php350.00).

Until Next Time!Goodnight!

Love Lots,


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