Monday, 1 October 2012

Cutie Panda Nail Art

In honor of the baby Panda Mei Xiang from the National Zoo in Washington, we want to create a cutie panda nail art. As much as they are one of the cutest animals, giant pandas are endangered species. Everyone celebrates whenever there's a baby Panda born in a few conservatories around the globe and mourns when a baby panda dies like Mei Xiang.
Sustaining the Giant Panda has reached a critical point. We must work to save the Giant Panda in order to allow the world the continuing benefit of one of its most extraordinary creatures (
If you want to help save Giant Pandas, I found an organization helping to save this magnificent unique animal, a survivor of the ice age and centuries beyond. Please visit their website at PANDAINTERNATIONAL.ORG 
In our support to this, here's a panda nail art for you to re-create!!!
STEP 1. Prepare the lacquers needed; white and black lacquers. Prep your nails with your base coat and then paint your nails with a sheer pink lacquer, this step is optional though.
STEP 2. Get your white lacquer and create a half-moon or longer. This will serve as the panda's body.
STEP 3. Get your dotting tool and black lacquer, and create small dots. 2 dots above the half-moon, this will serve as the ears. 2 dots on the upper part of the half moon for the eyes and small dot below the dots for the eyes. Then, a dot on both side of the half-moon for the arms.
STEP 4. Get your dotting tool and white lacquer, then dot the eyes. Once dried, dot it again with black lacquer to create a 3D effect of the eyes.
STEP 5. Seal in your design with your top coat, this will create shiny and glossy pandas!

Now it’s your turn to re-create this design. You can post your comment below or you can tweet me your picture showing this nail design. Follow me @urhoneyness, and comment using hash tag #pandanails

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  1. so cute and easy xD i will try this :D

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