Thursday, 25 October 2012

Getting Ready For Your First Job Interview + CDO Times Contribution

We welcome another batch of graduates to enter the challenging world of working. Fresh graduates are usually aggressive and idealistic in being successful with their respective fields but perhaps we know that looking for a job right after college/university is one of the most stressful things to be faced with especially the job market is increasingly competitive. To get a job, you must get through a daunting interview first (*wink*). I must admit I have had a fair share of interviews and just knowing where to start can be very difficult in itself. Proper preparation will help you handle the pressure and will help build your confidence during the interview. I believe that a first impression opens an opportunity and in the  future helps build a long lasting relationship. So today, I will share with you a guide on how to dress appropriately for an interview. A guide for you to choose and to be inspired with according to your profession, the company that you're applying (company culture). These looks are inspired according to my experience, the people I know from other fields of work, and  people I worked with.
It is best to dress up appropriately!

My Experience:
"Lovely Polo", the interviewer told me the moment I sat down the conference hall during my first interview abroad (Singapore)in an architectural lighting company. I wore a not so shiny grey-ish green-ish polo that when light touches the fabric turns a little bit gold-ish (whew). That polo started a very good first impression and built a conversation. That interviewer is my first boss here in Singapore.

My Working Environment: Business Basic and Business Casual. 

This is the general interview look. Simple, comfortable yet professional. A basic white polo, black/grey wide trouser pants, and simple accessories. Please note that some people are quite particular with colors (this is according to my experience). They can assess immediately the personality of the person by the color they are wearing so if you are fresh from college/university without an experience, I suggest wear a safe color and for me it's white/off white and black/grey.

This look  is most appropriate in creative environments like architectural lighting companies and interior design companies. This is where you can express more of the colors but avoid dominant prints. Always wear in moderation. Remember that you are going for an interview not a party.

These looks are suitable for those in business district companies like  big financial banks that require buttoned-up clothing. Business formal requires strict rules. Tailored, plain, and avoid flashy colors. Work with 2 solid colors only . If you go further with a third color, it must be the accessory only. Make sure to wear a tailored blazer and closed shoes. I observed these while working with our clients from buttoned-up companies. Use your clothing to establish authority.

Aside from appropriate outfit, don't forget to wear a natural makeup and a simple clean hairdo. 

Now, you are ready to go! Do you have an interview experience?Share with us and the best look that you carry during your interview!

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