Friday, 5 October 2012

Must Have: Basic Makeup Brushes

Now I know why some can achieve a perfect smokey look, a beautiful defined eye lines and precised-shape eyebrows. That is because they are equipped with proper/right brushes. I was surprised of the huge variety of brushes available in the market and  this post will help to decide those who love makeup. It is also best to invest on good quality brushes. I recommend brushes from ECOTOOLS, Body Shop to Sigma brushes, MAC, and Bobbie Brown. I also used other good quality drugstore brushes with reasonable prices like NYX, E.L.F, Paula's Choice and cosmetica.

So, here's the basic brushes that are essential, a must-have to be in your kit/collection.

A small-short rounded dome tip.  I love this brush. This gives enough color all over the lid and best to define shape on the outer lid and crease to achieve the smokey eye.

Slightly longer and softer than the contour brush. The tip is rounded also. Perfect for A small soft rounded dome tip best for blending. This perfect  for blending, swirl the brush in small circular motions at the edge of the shadow or between two colors for a soft, diffused effect.

A multipurpose brush. I use this on my brows and as an eyeliner. For eyebrows, apply a small amount of shadow to achieve precised shape and cover light areas. I also use this to create sharp and precise lines on my upper and lower lash lines.

This give brows shape. I use the comb to separate lashes after applying mascara.

Actually, the gradient color brush is a concealer brush but when I used it, I can't really see the effect and the shape is actually same as the eyeshadow brush. So I call both a flat brush. Use this to apply shadow on your lid, crease, and to your brow bone. This depends on the effect you want on your eyes.

Apply this gently in an upward motion below or over cheeks bones and blend edges. I also use this to blend the powder on my face in a circular motion.

I seldom use this brush but i love using this during my makeup sessions. This is a flat-topped, full circular brush best  for lightweight application and blending of any formula color – fluid, cream, powder or pigment. Ideal for creating soft layers or adding textures.

I'm done. I hope you this ease your burden on choosing the brush starter kit. Please share with us your experience and leave a comment below.

If you want to know where to know the parts of the eye for makeup, please click EYE MAKEUP DIAGRAM.



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