Sunday, 7 October 2012

Nerdy/Prof Look!

My good friend Sandy, a very pretty mom of two, my classmate way back in high school and a law student asked me to do an everyday professional look. So I did it and here's what I got Sandy.
I was so sick (asthma attack) yesterday but I want to keep my promise to upload a tutorial. It was quite fun especially my under eyes challenged me. It was so puffy and dark. I worked my face with REVLON PHOTOREADY AIRBRUSH  gently with my clean hands in circular motions. I let it set first and concealed my under eyes and some on my chin with REVLON PHOTOREADY CONCEALER in 003. I decided to do a simple everyday cat eye makeup. Here  are the easy steps:

1. Start with eye primer (urban decay potion) then look for an orange-y copper eyeshadow color on your available palettes and sweep it all over your lid using an eyeshadow brush. I am using my Lancome 4pc Eye Shadow Palette. If you want to know the parts of your eye for makeup and the basic makeup brushes, here are the links: EYE MAKEUP DIAGRAM, MAKEUP BRUSHES.

2. Get a dark brown color as contrast to the orange-y copper color and sweep from the center of your lid up to your crease using a contour brush. Form a triangle like below and blend it up to soften the edge using a blending brush. This will add a simple dramatic effect to the cat eye makeup that you want to achieve.

 3. I added a gold color on the center from my MAC Natural Flare Mineralize Eyeshadow. You can choose any brand you want. Line you upper lash line with liquid eyeliner or gel liner. I am using a Revlon Gel Liner in this tutorial. Line it from the inner upper lash line all the way out. Make sure not to line it over the shadows.

4. Get your highlighter and dab a color to your tear duct. Finish your eye with a couple layers of mascara. I am using the new Maybelline Lashionista Mascara. I will post a review on this soon.

Finished my look with a bronzing powder on my lower cheeks. I almost forgot the most important accessory, "the eyeglasses". I got this approx. at SGD4.30 (Php150). I also tried different lipstick colors for you to see the difference and here are the final looks:


Enchanting Beige


Done! Hope you love this tutorial. Please leave your comments below if you have done similar look or anything you want to know about this look..Thanks!!!!




  1. I like the way you did the cat's eye flick of the eyeliner. Very precise and nice shape! Suits her :) I like your blog! It feels so fresh and has very good content :)

    I am a new follower :) Hope you can visit my blog too and maybe get a follow back? :) Thank you and more power to you :)

    Looking forward to more posts!


    1. Hi Sabs,

      Thank you very much!I visited your blog and its very informative. I love your post about, "How much is my face worth"..
      I am a new follower also on GFC #52

      Thanks again!

    2. and Sabs, that's me on the nerdy

  2. loving the look! indeed a nerdy one! ^_~

  3. Good job! The make-up seems wearable and more importantly, do-able for amateurs like me. :)


    1. Hi Abi! Thanks! I am an amateur have a lovely blog!