Sunday, 28 October 2012

Stained Glass Nail Art!

Cathedral stained glass windows are ravishing. Staring at them makes you appreciate life that God has given. Like life as wonderful and beautiful. Hence, we wanted to create a stained glass nail art inspired from the Cathedral windows. So here it goes…

STEP 1. Prepare all your colorful lacquers, small brush and your silver glittery lacquer. Prep your nails by painting your nails with your base coat, then paint tiny lines using your white lacquer. This will be your guide in coloring different triangles. 

STEP 2. Color the triangles with the different lacquers you have. Make sure to alternate the colors to capture the Stained Glass effect.

STEP 3. Re-trace the white lines you created earlier with a silver glittery polish. I chose this color to maximize the Stained Glass effect however; you can use white or black lacquers as well. Let your canvass dry and then apply your favorite topcoat to seal in your design.


Now it’s your turn to re-create this design. You can post your comment below or you can tweet us your picture showing this nail design. Follow us @beautyamare, and comment using hash tag #stainedglassnails

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