Thursday, 18 October 2012

Style Guide 04: Denim on Denim Chic

Denim on denim is classic. I love this since college where  denim's  the basic style. It's super chic (comfy and sexy) but there are some rules to follow to get the right look. Here's how I'll wear it:

1. CONTRAST THE COLOR. This is the basic trick. Contrasting will give shape and will give a defined, lighter look.
2. BELT IS A NO NO. As much as you love your leather belt paired 
with your fave jeans, I hate to say that it does not work on double denims. 
3. ROLL UP THE SLEEVES. Rolling the sleeves will break the heaviness of the look.
4. ACCESSORIZE. Adding a simple gold-leather-black bracelets or a simple statement ring will make you look feminine together with a pretty gorgeous bag.
5. WEAR WITH BASIC T-SHIRT or TANK TOP INSIDE- This brings the girl next door in you.
6. NO COWBOY BOOTS, PLEASE - Some women can carry cowboy boots beautifully but it's a little off for me and it does not work on double denims. I find it not chic at all. You can wear it with simple flats, pumps or a chic boots. I love red/maroon flats for denims.
7. SIMPLE MAKEUP- Finish your look with natural makeup with a touch of either bright lips and nude pink-ish lips. I recommend the simple cat-eye for your eyes.

And also, I love to unbutton 2-3 from top of my cambray shirt (oops).  I just find it sexy. Do you wear double denims? Please share it with me!


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