Thursday, 25 April 2013


Hi guys! Today is a great day for I have a new laptop to use for my blogging. Anyway, I have lots of reviews of the products I have tried and used for the past months. I will start with one of the most difficult personal things that I've been changing and changing for years. LOTION (or  Body Butter). Yes, I am very particular of what to put on my skin and I have tried lots from expensive ones, to drugstore, and baby lotions. I don't care about the name of the lotion (I care about the formula/ingredients) as long as it is not greasy at the same time the smell is not that strong and tones my skin. One thing that I hated about a specific lotion was not only it darken my skin but left the tone of my skin uneven. And also, the smell of some luxury brands that I've used were too strong which triggered my sinusitis  (gggrrrrr). Well, I tried this one lotion I bought at sale of SGD10.00 (USD8, Php330) for two 250ml-bottle @ Bishan North Shopping Mall (Singapore). This is my first try and let's see how good this lotion is. Keep on reading below for the review.