Tuesday, 23 July 2013


I always love  bags with  flat bottom where I can see all the things inside my bag right away. I used LV Petit Noe NM for the past months but I changed it last February with a Coach Peyton Satchel I bought and I love it coz I don't need to bring a few pouches to segregate my things since it has a few compartments.

Here are the things in my bag which I can't leave home without.

I love to pair my outfit with cute accessories. I love to switch my accessories. Like if I am wearing bangles and it bothers me, I'll change it with a ring like this cute bow ring I got from F21. 
Ring: F21, Earrings: Ardene
I have this long thick hair so I usually bring a cushion hairbrush, clips, clamps, and hair serum to settle it. I also carry with me a hand sanitizer, hand moisturizer that I got from Watsons in Singapore. The small bottle is my fave scent from Ferragamo which is ATTIMO.
Cushion Brush: F21, Clips and Clamp: I bought it in Superstore

I super love MAC lipsticks so I carry three basic colors with me like I used MAC Angel when I have a formal meeting, the MAC  Fusion Pink when I go out shopping, and my ever Fave MAC Viva Glam III when the weather is cold or even not. Weird but I do that. I also find cotton essential especially I have super duper sensitive skin. I pat/wipe dirty, oily, skin with cotton from time to time.
My make to-go!

Nothing more to say. We all can't leave home without our wallet, key chain, and  phone. I am using a Kate Spade Wallet, A Juicy Couture key chain, and Iphone 4S phone.

 ETCETERA! I also bring the following 
1. A ballpen and a notebook.
2. A Rosary.
3. Mints 
4. Inhaler for my asthma.

I think I'm Done! What's in your bag? Share it with me!


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